10 Best Scar Treatments that You Might Not Be Aware of

When the skin goes through any sort of trauma, injury, acne, or surgery, a scar forms. For many, these scars may not be appealing to look at or have others see. Although removing a scar completely may not be possible, there are several effective ways to reduce their size and visibility. The method you use will depend on the kind of scar you have. 

Here are a few popular methods recommended by dermatologists:

1.    Laser Scar Removal

Using a laser to reduce the scar is a non-invasive technique which is quite effective in removing the scaror making it much less visible. Intense light is used to reduce the size, color, and shape of the scar. Each type of scar requires its own laser treatment and the dermatologist will recommend the most effective method based on the type of scar.

2.    Surgical Injections

Just like laser treatment, the type of shot or injection was chosen for the scar removal also depends on the type of scar you have. Sometimes, fillers are used to reduce the scar. For example, collagen injections are very effective in dealing with the bumps or dents on the skin that form due to acne. 

Similarly, botox injections are mostly given to smoothen the skin or the appearance of scars. Corticosteroids can also be used for the treatment of acne scars to make them less visible. The use of steroids may have side effects like changes to skin color or thinning of the skin.

3.    Chemical Peel Treatment or Dermabrasion

In this treatment, the chemical peels are used to remove the top layer of skin. This removes the scars on the surface and brings deeper scars close to it. It may result in some temporary side effects like redness, swelling, or soreness of the skin for a few days.

4.    Laser Therapy

This is similar to dermabrasion and can be used for drastic scars. This laser therapy specifically targets the blood vessels and is a more focused treatment than the other methods. The skin may be red and swollen for a few days; however, the area usually heals within 5 days of the treatment. For the best results, you would have to undergo laser therapy several times; potentially three to five sessions. It is important to check your insurance plan before getting this treatment as it is usually very pricey.

5.    Microneedling

In microneedling, small needles are used to make holes into the upper layer of the skin -- also known as the epidermis. Poking these needles into the skin improves the production of collagen and makes it look healthier. Results can be expected after six to seven sessions of microneedling and you might experience a slight reddishness on the skin for a few days. 

6.    Punch Excision Surgery

One of the ways to get rid of acne scars is through Punch Excision Surgery. It is a minor procedure in which the doctor cuts out the scar and closes the wound with graft or stitches. The treatment varies from one scar to another depending on the skin type and the kind of scar. 

7.    Subcision

Similar to punch excision, subcision needles is a method that pokes into the skin to cut the fibers beneath the scar. Subcision helps to loosen the scar and improves the skin. Some people prefer this scar treatment method. It is usually paired with laser treatment for better results. 

8.    Medicated Cream or Gels

Medicated gels and over the counter creams can also prove helpful in reducing scars. For example, an antihistamine can reduce the irritation from the scar and help improve it. Corticosteroid cream may also help in prevention and reduction of scarring.

 9.    Scar Tapes

Scar tapes work by applying continuous and mild pressure to the scar area on the skin. It is an easy and convenient treatment. It is as simple as applying it to the scar and leaving it in place for a few days. Scar tapes can also be kept on when showering or bathing. 

You can also massage it after placing it on the scar. Removing the tape is also very easy to do. 

10. Zinc Supplements

Zinc is useful in treating different wounds and helps in the healing process. Zinc helps support healing by reducing inflammation.  Zinc also promotes cell growth. However, it is important that zinc supplements are not overused since it may have side effects including diarrhea and bloating. 


When the wound tissues are repaired, it leaves a scar. The kind of scar depends on the degree of the wound. There are many different effective methods to treat scars and reduce their visibility. 

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