The skin is a cohesive and delicate organ that encompasses the whole body and may sustain burns, injuries, or other physical trauma that can leave scars. Akin to a fine piece of cloth, even a single cut can ruin its appearance. This is not a problem if the cut or scar is too small to be noticeable or can be hidden with clothing, but it can be unpleasant if left exposed. Therefore, many people look for ways to hide or eliminate scars altogether. 

Scars leave a permanent mark on the skin. However, there are various ways to minimize their appearance or change how they look. Scar massage is one of those treatments.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding what scar massage is:

What Does Massaging A Scar Do?

A scar massage is done to prevent scar tissues from clinging to muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and bones. By doing so, the scar is flattened, alleviated, and prevented from becoming rigid. When touched, scars may cause a sense of tingling, sensitivity or pain.

Is It Good to Massage A Scar?

Massaging a scar is highly beneficial in reducing the buildup of scar tissue, thus making it less visible. Keep in mind that massaging is ineffective for scars that are more than two years old. 

Can Massaging A Scar Make It Worse?

Massaging a scar helps soften its tissues and prevent it from growing too large. The older the scar is, the more pressure is needed to soften it. However, massaging too harshly can worsen its condition, especially since an older scar lacks moisture. This is why it is important that a therapist performs the massage for optimal results. 

How Do You Massage Scar Tissue?

To massage scar tissue, you have to move the skin and tissue under the scar to and fro, with the flat pad of your fingers. Hold the skin taut for a few seconds, ensuring that you can feel the scar “move”. Continue to shift your fingers to the next area of the scar and simply repeat until you have massaged the whole scar.

How Do You Break Up Scar Tissue At Home?

If you want to break down scar tissue at home, first lubricate the area using baby oil, lotion, or vitamin E oil. Afterwards, various massage techniques, such as friction massage and myofascial release, can be performed on your skin to improve the movement and alignment of the collagen fibers.

When Should You Massage A Scar?

The scar can be massaged immediately after the wound has healed. It is advisable to massage the scar area two to three times a day, for about five to ten minutes. Make sure to massage the scar until it has matured or when it appears paler and more level. 

Can Massage Break Down Scar Tissue?

A massage is able to break down scar tissues, which is helpful for acute pain, post-surgery build-up in scar tissue, and scarring. It reduces pain and discomfort while preventing the buildup of scar tissues in affected areas.  

Does It Hurt to Break Up Scar Tissue?

Scar tissues aren’t necessarily painful during the initial formation. The nerves in the affected area have most likely been impaired, as well as the other healthy body tissues, which is why it is not painful initially. However, in time, these nerves will regenerate and cause pain.

Is Internal Scar Tissue Permanent?

Scar tissue is a temporary attachment to the body. The scar must be remodelled once it has formed and begun healing. This is so that it can withstand the day-to-day stress the body experiences. 

Is Massage Good Practice for All Types Of Scars?

Massage has always been a widely favorable part of scar management. As of late, there is some support for the use of vigorous methods strictly for mature scars. Immature scars are freshly formed from trauma or surgery. They appear reddened or swollen with a fast refill time. If they are pushed with a finger, an instant change of color can be witnessed. Generally, scars have the tendency to appear red and swollen in the first three to nine months. However, mature scars have coloration that appear similar to normal skin, suggesting there is no inflammation and indicating that it is an older injury.


Taking good care of wounds is vital to suppressing the growth of scars and shortening the recovery period. If not treated properly, a resulting infection can cause further inflammation that enlarges and worsens the scar’s condition. Although there are a variety of ways to treat scars, scar massage is the most advisable method, despite the lack of evidence on why or how it works.

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