Scars are the natural result from a body’s healing, whether it’s from an injury or surgery. The appearance of these scars can vary depending on how your body heals that area. Some scars are avoidable, like those from injuries like scrapes and minor cuts, while others unfortunately aren’t, such as those from surgeries. However, there are a variety of ways to remove scars while also using scar tape.

1. Keeping Things Clean

The most important part of healing is keeping the wound area clean; this is especially true when it comes to scar formation. This prevents any issues when it comes to scar formation and healing.

2. Scar Massage

By using gels like Vaseline, you can prevent any fresh wounds from drying out and forming a scab (a prelude to scarring) and helps avoid any resulting scar from getting too large, deep, or itchy. If you’re applying said gels to pre-existing scars, massage the area twice a day for ten minutes to help decrease sensitivity and speed healing.

3. Bandage Changing

Always change your bandages daily to avoid any issues; if you’re sensitive to adhesives, try using gauze pads instead alongside scar tape.

4. Sunscreen

By using effective sun protection, you can reduce the red or brown discolorations of scarring that’s common when scars are exposed to intense sunlight and helps scars heal faster. It’s highly advised to use broad-spectrum sunscreens with a 30 or higher SPF with frequent applications.

5. Exercise

As with any injury, exercise is an important part of recovery; by exercising properly, you can help prevent joint stiffness near the scar area. Additionally, you can improve blood flow to the area and help improve scar healing.

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