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Great For…

  • Keloids
  • Raised Scars
  • Irritated / Damaged Skin

Feel great in your skin again and restore your confidence.

No creams/ointments are required. Helps you sleep better without discomfort from your keloids and scars.

myScarTape by SpiderTech helps those living with problematic scars find relief. With an elasticity similar to that of human skin, myScarTape acts like a second skin to support scar and skin tissue to reduce pain, sensitivity, itching and covers unsightly keloids and scar tissue.

myScarTape can even reduce further scar growth in younger scars by supporting and alleviating skin tension in the affected area.

myScarTape is an evolution of the original kinesiology tape technology developed and tested by medical professionals, and battle-proven by world-class athletes for over 40 years.

myScarTape is easy to apply so it can be used by anyone who wants to restore confidence and start to feel good in their skin again.

myScarTape by SpiderTech is breathable and long-lasting and is great for:

  • Unsightly Scars
  • Burns
  • Post Tummy Tucks and Liposuction
  • Post-Breast Operation
  • Post-Operation Recovery
  • C-Sections
  • Keloids
  • Damaged or Irritated Skin

Each strip offers up to 2 weeks of coverage.


  • Stretches to mimic skin and support the scar
  • Reduces pain, irritation, itching
  • Can help reduce further scar growth, particularly in young scars
  • Protective barrier from contact (such as with clothing)
  • Long-lasting (only needs replacing approx every 1-2 weeks)


I was having trouble sleeping because the scar on my thigh was itchy and uncomfortable. After using the scar tape from SpiderTech, my scar became easier to deal with and eventually helped eliminate the itchiness. I can now sleep again.

Sophia B. - Rochester, New York


I could not exercise and go to the gym, as every time when I exercised the scar was more red, active, itchy and painful. With the myscartape I can go to the gym for my training without discomfort!

Christian S. - Vaughan, Ontario

The best part about this scar tape is that you don’t need to apply any creams or ointments, you only need to use the tape.

Isabella B. - Toronto, Ontario


Great product! I am so glad somebody came up with a scar solution that doesn’t involve messy and smelly creams. All I had to do was apply the scar tape to my body!

Chloe M. - San Diego, California

I suffered from a pretty bad scar during the lockdown. I thought it would heal before I could train again, but it was still itchy when I got the call to get back to training. I had a few training sessions but couldn’t focus due to the discomfort. A friend told me about the scar tape from SpiderTech and I felt instant results! I was able to train properly and my scar stopped itching.

Andre L. - Vancouver, BC


I used the scar tape from SpiderTech on my stomach scar and it made me feel more protected and comfortable. Very light on the skin and doesn’t irritate my skin or scar. Highly recommended!

Naida R. - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania