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Scar protection tape reduces pain and itching without creams or ointments. Mimics skin and supports your scar/keloids. By forming a protective barrier against contact it helps to reduce further keloid growth.

Each strip offers up to 2 weeks of coverage, that amounts to 126 days of relief per packmeaning less than three packs in a year!

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Product Measurement (Width x Length)

5cm x 16.5cm

2" x 6.5"



Product Measurement (Width x Length)

6cm x 12.5cm

2.5" x 5"

How to Apply




How does the myScarTape work?
myScarTape works by applying continuous pressure and tension relief to the scar. This reduces blood flow, inflammation and the symptoms associated with it. In general, the pressure and tension approach has been used for decades and shown to be effective for burn patients and those who suffer from large wounds. Remember, tension has been shown to be the main reason for poor wound healing causing hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Are there any side effects?
In general, no – in rare cases and for individuals with sensitive skin, myScarTape may cause some itch and redness. Because the tape does not contain medication, we do not expect side-effects for most people.

When should the myScarTape be replaced?
myScarTape can stay on for 1-2 weeks. If myScarTape is sticking and adherent to the skin, do not change it. If it becomes loose, replace it with new myScarTape and apply it according to our suggested guidelines. At 9 strips per pack and two weeks per strip, that amounts to 126 days of relief per packmeaning less than three packs in a year!

What can I expect from the tape?
This is an excellent but challenging question. The majority of patients putting on our tape show significant benefits regarding tension tightness, itch, mobility and comfort. Many of our patients show significant reductions in scar redness, scar activity and scar height. Results can vary and should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can I add makeup to myScarTape to match my skin tone?

Can I swim or shower with myScarTape on?


I was having trouble sleeping because the scar on my thigh was itchy and uncomfortable. After using the scar tape from SpiderTech, my scar became easier to deal with and eventually helped eliminate the itchiness. I can now sleep again.

Sophia B. - Rochester, New York


I could not exercise and go to the gym, as every time when I exercised the scar was more red, active, itchy and painful. With the myscartape I can go to the gym for my training without discomfort!

Christian S. - Vaughan, Ontario

The best part about this scar tape is that you don’t need to apply any creams or ointments, you only need to use the tape.

Isabella B. - Toronto, Ontario


Great product! I am so glad somebody came up with a scar solution that doesn’t involve messy and smelly creams. All I had to do was apply the scar tape to my body!

Chloe M. - San Diego, California

I suffered from a pretty bad scar during the lockdown. I thought it would heal before I could train again, but it was still itchy when I got the call to get back to training. I had a few training sessions but couldn’t focus due to the discomfort. A friend told me about the scar tape from SpiderTech and I felt instant results! I was able to train properly and my scar stopped itching.

Andre L. - Vancouver, BC


I used the scar tape from SpiderTech on my stomach scar and it made me feel more protected and comfortable. Very light on the skin and doesn’t irritate my skin or scar. Highly recommended!

Naida R. - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania